London 1

I have been blogging since I first got my hands on a laptop, before video making, filmmaking and whatever venture I’m specialising in this week. Today marked a new beginning for myself. This month has been a pretty wild one for a lot of fellow 18 year olds, leaving home for university (or in my case an overprotective but great mother/friend and grandparents who are the real parents).

Becoming a Londoner. Although I have fallen in Love with Ravensbourne (the uni I’ll be attending in about a week or so), I have always been set on living in London so for me this move was a definite bucket list tick off at some stage of my life, it just happens to be the first big one. If I hate it, I’ll be glad I moved to the big city and learned how I like to live, I hate the idea of wondering.

Friends and family will tell you that I have loved the the idea of London since I was young, close family and friends would by me London mugs and pen pots as easy presents (only joking I love that shit). I also have a big tube map in my ‘now old’ room and Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus signs above my bed, the fuss might be because all my favourite films are set there and the aesthetic is so British like, they all speak good English unlike Nottingham folk (sorry ducks) and the underground was always the coolest thing in my opinion. The tube is not going to be a part of my daily routine though, yet… The red London busses will be however.

My other choice of commuting will be the bicycle after my grandad probably spent more time and money on it than a new bike would do. It’s a two and a half mile ride to uni, meaning I’ll either turn up looking like a greasy squashed pizza every morning (I’m not the fittest) or I’ll literally be a pizza on the road.

Today I had a two and a half hour drive down to London with the grandparents (thanks for taking the day off work ‘mum’). When finally arriving to my new home (a cosy room in a neat small house with a lovely lady named Vivienne) I felt excited, like I was free, no longer in the picturesque jail cell that is Barnstone and free to go anywhere (within zones one and three). A surprising highlight of the day was visiting a huge Sainsburys nearby (my new local) and I couldn’t shut up about how I couldn’t believe it was the same price as Nottingham and not extortionate fees for the same food. Maybe I was distracting myself from my inner nerves, I was scared, and when they left, I did feel a chill. The meal deal is three pounds though!!! Thats my breakfasts lunches and dinners sorted!!!

After enjoying my own company in my room for a few hours (it was surprisingly peaceful as I was unpacking and watching American Dad) and meeting Vivienne and her temporary loft room mate who I haven’t had a full conversation with yet, he must of been tired after coming home late. I decided despite my mum and granddads advice not to ride the bike yet to take it the uni and try out a route I planned myself. I arranged to meet up with a new peer but unfortunately he had a last minute situation and couldn’t come! I wasn’t angry, I’d shit myself if I lost a wallet on a London bus. I cycled past scape on the way (the main uni accommodation which I cannot afford) and saw a load of people playing my favourite sport with some beers. I wanted to barge in an take a table tennis bat and show them how Nottingham plays the game but unfortunately I don’t know anyone there yet to sneak me in and can’t just break in to introduce myself.

At half past eight in the evening, I was standing in front of the 02 arena, the only tickets I was and am carrying is the three year journey tickets to the place next door. The all nighter lights of Canary Wharf’s twenty four hour stock market and the groups of friends heading to see an expensive concert together made me feel vulnerable for a big bloke. I couldn’t help but think and miss my situation in Nottingham, where I would tweet “anyone in town” and ten minutes later I’d be grabbing a coffee with a friend, I can’t yet do that here, and I’m not lonely, but ready to not be. I know that once I make friends and meet other Londoners for other reasons I’ll be able to do the same, but on a much bigger scale.

Biking up hill back to the house was hell, and in the cold dark by myself. I came back and made beans on crumpets (a new speciality of mine, it goes don’t panic) and sat on my bed to see tens of notifications from friends back in Nottingham, sadly mainly goodbyes. Not sure if they know I have a Christmas break and a four month summer.

Tomorrow I’m meeting a couple of people including a college friend and it will be the beginning of my London networking scheme but for now it’s time to have my first nights sleep as a Londoner.