London 2

Lonely London. Sorry for the clickbait subtitle, I guess this blog series isn’t going to be as frequent as I thought, I haven’t even started uni yet but I’m already pushed for time. The reason this blog post is named Lonely London relates to my conversations back home. The last time I blogged I had just moved in and had an Earnest Hemingway approach to North Greenwich which I don’t see anymore, partly because it’s not a stranger to me anymore.

Although I haven’t attempted this experiment, I’m pretty sure that if I wait in North Greenwich for an hour I will see someone I know, and I guess that’s why I’m happy. London living is still a new concept for me but I guess it’s that fact that keeps me going in the friendship department. In the last post I mentioned my big ego popularity situation in Nottingham and the fact that I am a few steps closer to achieving this in North Greenwich (I’d love to say London but at the moment it seems impossible) is giving me a huge boost.

Since I have moved, I have eaten a lot of pasta (all cooked at midday to avoid an awkward cooking situation with my landlady who is possibly the most lovely and easy going woman in the city), a lot of thin sandwiches and rip off Aldi Krave. I have also hopped on a lot of busses (I’ve spent almost 20 pounds on bus travel already, yet almost nothing on food). I have been using my bike but for some places you just need to take the bus, especially if the person you are meeting is bikeless.

I’ve chatted to a few people on my course (as I had a two hour enrolment que yesterday to make conversation) however so far I have made two friends that I think will be important in my London adventure. I won’t name them (yet, let me know if you would like to be named if you read this) but one is a talented cinematographer (and also filmmaker in general) thats a whizz with a black magic and a table tennis bat but is shit at putting up fairy lights (he also has a crazy automobile related industry secret that you could see in a future film I’ll work on). The other is a northern traveler that seems more bothered about packing his day with adventure than actually keeping to his schedule but shares the same stupid sense of humour (again related to something else I’ll have to blog about soon).

It’s my induction day tomorrow so I guess I’ll meet a bunch of people then too, hopefully some more likeminded individuals but I imagine I will end up complaining about it the whole time and bonding with people through that, I’ve been told it’s an egg hunt. I’m 9,000 in debt and my first activity is an egg hunt, great start. Hopefully the eggs are metaphors for new friends.

In terms of activities completed so far (I have been here a week so I must have done something), I have done my first mild supermarket shop, been to pretty much everywhere in East London, had an amazing conversation in Greenwich Park (google the view it’s just amazing), seen some incredible vehicles and been to my first university dorm room piss up (a messy evening where we played beer pong, some awful card drinking game and then argued with some bouncers because they wanted to charge us twelve pounds to get into what looked like more of a refuse facility than a club). I have also got in touch with a London based rapper about making some visuals so hopefully I can become the grime video guy for London as well as Nottingham (only joking).

Nevertheless! Sorry for not being as active with the blogging as I had hoped. I will still be blogging as regularly as possible to lessen the “are you lonely yet” messages from my family. The grammar may not be perfect and I’m sorry for that, I just write how I talk, the constant brackets are my usual side comments (imagine Harry Hill turning to that side camera when he cracks a gag) and as for any other errors my essays are better trust me (after I’ve sent them to my teacher mother for a proof read, thanks for that D* D  D).

Ending on a positive note and to answer my granddads daily Facebook question:
Happiness level 8.5/10.